How we work

MD360⁰ provides a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue and empirically informed agenda setting focused on overcoming socio-economic challenges facing the mining sector. It has come to be known as a convener of evidence-based dialogues involving actors from all stakeholder groups. As a non-partisan, not for profit organisation it offers a neutral, safe space for robust engagement based on unbiased, independently verified data and research. Dialogues are held under the Chatham House Rule and are structured to encourage vigorous debate, voicing of opinions and to create bridges and linkages connecting and empowering people and organisations to enable action and change.

MD360⁰’s team of specialist experts undertake in-depth research that yields factual, unbiased evidence with which industry stakeholders can better engage in dialogues to find lasting solutions to the range of complex and deeply intertwined issues facing the sector. Topics such as: policy and legislation, mine-host community relations, community opinion and sentiment, socio-economic challenges, local and regional economic development, cross-sectoral development, legacy planning, environmental and climate relates issues, and so on are covered.

In addition, MD360⁰’s team of participatory action researchers, expert in community consultation, facilitate and guide flexible processes that elicit deep insight into the drivers of community opinion and sentiment. In so doing, it is possible to enable the expression of community voices and participation in dialogue, debate and decision-making that has direct impact on their lives.

MD360⁰ Dialogue and Research Reports are available to view/download here.

Other interesting research reports/papers, periodicals and useful links are available in our Resource Library.
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