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Daily Maverick: Dramatic decline in SA mine deaths highlights changing production profile 2019-09-30 view
Daily Maverick: Manganese mining on the rise in SA, but coal is still the king of commodities 2019-09-27 view
Business Day: State’s mining bias is making the poor poorer 2019-09-26 view
Daily Maverick: 5,270 jobs on chopping block as Sibanye restructures Marikana 2019-09-26 view
Daily Maverick: Joseph Mathunjwa, evoking God and Hitler, remains at Amcu helm as platinum wage talks rumble on 2019-09-23 view
Business Day: Mining industry seeks to polish its tarnished reputation 2019-09-23 view
Daily Maverick: Sasol tells employees in email that no decision taken to sell mining unit 2019-09-20 view
Daily Maverick: SA Coal is burning out quicker than expected 2019-09-17 view
Daily Maverick: Our Burning Planet: As the sun sets on carbon, mining can still rise 2019-09-17 view
Daily Maverick: New legislation requiring secret strike ballots is the latest in South Africa’s intra-union battles 2019-09-16 view
Miningmx: World Gold Council publishes code encouraging ethical mining for members 2019-09-16 view
Mining Weekly: Looks like hydrogen economy could happen – CPM 2019-09-16 view
Business Day: Grim outlook for mining sector 2019-09-13 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa’s Mining Industry sees taxing carbon conundrum 2019-09-11 view
Daily Maverick: Sibanye-Stillwater defeats mining communities challenging R5.4bn Lonmin merger 2019-09-09 view
Daily Maverick: Ricardo Hausmann - Don’t blame economics, blame public policy 2019-09-04 view
Miningmx: National Treasury recommends new thinking on SA mineral beneficiation 2019-09-02 view
Miningmx: Sibanye-Stillwater to unveil Lonmin restructuring in a month as shafts “not contributing” 2019-08-30 view
Miningmx: National Treasury recommends new thinking on SA mineral beneficiation 2019-08-30 view
Miningmx: Exxaro CEO Mxolisi Mgojo urges SA Govt to fast-track Eskom reform plan 2019-08-23 view
Business Day: Seriti in pole position for South32’s SA coal assets 2019-08-22 view
Daily Maverick: SA gold results: Not yet glistering, but at these prices … 2019-08-21 view
The Conversation: Ghana’s pact with China to explore bauxite threatens a unique forest 2019-08-19 view
Miningmx: Gold Fields’ Holland says what we all know: SA’s gold mining is “dead man walking” 2019-08-19 view
Miningmx: Old ills, strikes, Eskom sees SA mining sector miss again on commodity prices 2019-08-15 view
Mining Weekly: Kumba, Rosond sign R2bn deal to advance next-generation drilling 2019-08-14 view
Business Day: Sibanye-Stillwater wage offer an attempt to provoke a strike, says Amcu 2019-08-13 view
Daily Maverick: Miners Find Out the Hard Way Why Cobalt Is Called the Goblin 2019-08-12 view
Daily Maverick: From Russia to Mantashe with love: Chernobyl and the culture of climate meltdown 2019-08-08 view
The Conversation: The way that minerals are mined affects conflict in eastern Congo 2019-08-08 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum 3D printing to be first project of new Platinum Valley SEZ 2019-08-08 view
Daily Maverick: Standard Bank adopts coal-powered finance policy for African economies 2019-08-08 view
IISD: Tax Holidays Threaten Economic Prosperity in Resource-Rich Developing Countries 2019-08-08 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum-linked hydrogen economy is way to go ­– Phiri 2019-08-07 view
Miningmx: SA coal industry hopeful end in sight after spate of violent Mpumalanga protests 2019-08-06 view
Daily Maverick: Standard Bank adopts coal-powered finance policy for African economies 2019-08-02 view
Bizcommunity: MCSA response: Mining industry focused on more than just technology 2019-07-31 view
Bizcommunity: Technology is only one part of what mining needs 2019-07-31 view
Mining Weekly: People are dying from pollution in South Africa 2019-07-27 view
Mining Weekly: South Africa positioning itself within platinum-rich hydrogen economy 2019-07-27 view
Daily Maverick: Community wants ConCourt to declare R5bn Lonmin deal illegal 2019-07-27 view
Daily Mverick: In search of development alternatives: A ‘whole of society’ approach to social innovation in Turin, Italy 2019-07-27 view
Mining Weekly: Solutions beyond policing proposed as zama-zamas continue to wreak havoc 2019-07-27 view
Daily Maverick: Anglo American shows the market the money 2019-07-26 view
Mining Weekly: Concerns remain around ‘much improved’ 2019 mine rehab financial provision regulations 2019-07-22 view
Miningmx: Digging for legitimacy: The case for good ESG in mining 2019-07-19 view
Miningmx: Glencore’s green rebrand a complex brew for governments, society, and shareholders 2019-07-16 view
Daily Maverick: State approves Tormin’s massive West Coast mining expansion 2019-07-15 view
Daily Maverick: Lesson from Marikana: The other side of above-inflation pay rises 2019-07-15 view
Mining Weekly: Fuel cells presenting mining, manufacturing with compelling opportunity – Isondo 2019-07-15 view
Miningmx: SA’s Mantashe targets R8bn in exploration spend, pledges improved licensing system 2019-07-15 view
MiningMX: Mathunjwa risks losing AMCU amid questions of identity and direction 2019-07-09 view
Daily Maverick: Dying for Gold: New documentary lays bare the stark debt SA owes its miners 2019-07-08 view
Miningmx: Mgojo takes Exxaro into a carpe diem strategy as coal future turns foggier 2019-07-08 view
Business Day: Is the Northern Cape the new mining boom province? 2019-07-08 view
Engineering News: Initial ‘just energy transition’ work points to need to cushion coal regions 2019-07-04 view
Financial Mail: Is the Northern Cape the new mining boom province? 2019-07-03 view
Miningmx: Mining leaders say industry is facing “existential threat” as investment dollars shun risk 2019-07-03 view
Daily Maverick: Billions in mining royalties intended for the poor squandered, stolen or diverted 2019-07-02 view
Daily Maverick: Coal subsidies: SA bags fourth place in G20 climate collapse derby B 2019-07-02 view
Mail&Guardian: Mining shares bust the gloom 2019-07-01 view
The Conversation: Court stops construction of Kenya’s coal power plant. Here’s why 2019-07-01 view
Business Day: Accident at Glencore’s DRC mine kills scores of artisanal miners 2019-06-28 view
Business Day: Resource nationalism doesn’t have to be a dirty word — just ask Norway 2019-06-28 view
Daily Maverick: Despite climate pledges, G20 coal subsidies rise 2019-06-27 view
Miningmx: Obscure company targets coal mining project on Kruger Park doorstep 2019-06-26 view
Daily Maverick: Bullion’s current tear offers scant golden opportunity for South African producers 2019-06-26 view
Daily Maverick: Sad end to talc mine illustrates SA’s small business crisis 2019-06-24 view
Mining Weekly: SA mining adopting, driving 4IR as its transformation journey continues 2019-06-22 view
Mining Weekly: Corruption, maladministration of royalties leave mine-affected communities high and dry 2019-06-21 view
Miningmx: AMCU opening wage demand unlikely to win support of PGM producers 2019-06-20 view
Daily Maverick: Obituary: After the Marikana massacre, the writing was on the wall for Lonmin By 2019-06-13 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom’s coal dependence is strangling SA’s transition to a greener future, says Greenpeace 2019-06-13 view
Miningmx: Tailings reports just the tip of the iceberg as mining’s footprint faces further scrutiny 2019-06-11 view
Mining Weekly: Mining Charter III part of efforts to bring ‘equality to reality’ – Mantashe 2019-06-11 view
Mining Weekly: South Africa should go all out with platinum and manganese to be in best of two decarbonising worlds 2019-06-11 view
Business Day: Sibanye is now the proud owner of Lonmin 2019-06-11 view
Mining Weekly: Minister publishes amendments to financial provisioning regulations for mine closure 2019-06-10 view
Mining Weekly: Zambia files 'notification' of plans to take over Vedanta assets 2019-06-10 view
Miningmx: Does AMCU have the stomach for another bruiser with Sibanye-Stillwater? 2019-06-10 view
Mining Weekly: Sibanye, Lonmin merger enters final stretch as AMCU appeal is dismissed 2019-06-10 view
Mining Weekly: Military stake stymies $4bn Zimbabwe platinum project 2019-06-10 view
Daily Maverick: Financing new coal is the quick road to financial and environmental ruin 2019-06-10 view
Miningmx: ‘Dramatic’ investor turnaround may be spur platinum in 2019 whilst palladium heads higher 2019-06-10 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum miners brace for labour clash in early Ramaphosa test 2019-06-10 view
Biznews: Military finger in Zim platinum pie scares investors 2019-06-06 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum miners brace for labour clash in early Ramaphosa test 2019-06-06 view
Daily Maverick: A gift is a gift, says Glencore on $1.4bn DRC debt write-off — but US Dept of Justice is watching the mining giant 2019-06-06 view
The Conversation: Fracking can cause earthquakes tens of kilometres away – new research 2019-05-10 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa’s mines are becoming safer — 2019 could be a banner year if current trends are sustained 2019-05-10 view
Daily Maverick: AngloGold Ashanti puts a for sale sign on the world’s deepest mine 2019-05-10 view
Daily Maverick: The dividend/growth balance: Anglo’s truly amazing debt turnaround 2019-05-09 view
The dividend/growth balance: Anglo’s truly amazing debt turnaround 2019-05-07 view
Mining Weekly: Mining body releases autonomous systems guideline 2019-05-04 view
Daily Maverick: Factory gate prices for mining products are buoyant, but don’t expect production to leap soon 2019-05-03 view
Daily Maverick: Trusts under BEE scrutiny in yet another dramatic policy shift 2019-05-02 view
Mining Weekly: Mining must both prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution and also transform – Mantashe 2019-05-01 view
Daily Maverick: Lonmin case shows how hard it is to hold mines to account 2019-04-29 view
Daily Maverick: Former Sasol Coal miners claim more than R80 million for coal-related illnesses 2019-04-26 view
Daily Maverick: Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa - Reuters 2019-04-26 view
Daily Maverick: Vedanta chairman may have his sights on Anglo, but a takeover will not be easy 2019-04-25 view
Daily Maverick: After a bruising battle in the gold sector, tense wage negotiations loom in the platinum space 2019-04-24 view
Daily Maverick: No Tomorrow, Part One: Gwede Mantashe, climate suicide & the ANC’s 2019 election manifesto 2019-04-24 view
GOXI: Seven trends shaping the future of the mining and metals industry 2019-04-24 view
IISD: South Africa: Is a transition away from coal just around the corner? 2019-04-18 view
Daily Maverick: Activists live in ‘environment of fear’ in mining communities 2019-04-18 view
Daily Maverick: ANALYSIS: This Commodities Rally Has Legs, Thanks to China: 2019-04-18 view
Daily Maverick: The delicate art of moving an entire town. Everything. Everyone. Plus the churches 2019-04-18 view
Biznews: Standard Bank Group Standard Bank pulls plug on new coal IPP projects; Thabametsi, Khanyisa at risk 2019-04-18 view
Miningmx: Heckling, scepticism, defiance: what Amplats’ Griffith heard after calling for restraint 2019-04-16 view
Daily Maverick: Activists Push South Africa Pension Funds Over Climate Costs By Bloomberg 2019-04-16 view
Miningmx: SA Govt. has no time for complicated Eskom unbundling – Goldman Sachs 2019-04-15 view
Financial Mail: SA’s future energy supply should come primarily from wind and solar, which are rapidly becoming more cost-efficient 2019-04-15 view
The Conversation: The DRC and China’s Sicomines: why future deals should be different 2019-04-12 view
Mining Weekly: Congo's public revenues from mining sector nearly double in 2018 2019-04-12 view How countries are getting tougher with mining companies 2019-04-12 view
Miningmx: UK court ruling on Vedanta a reminder to mining firms of “duty of care”, says Leigh Day 2019-04-12 view
Miningmx: Unions should think twice about strikes before committing members to hardship 2019-04-12 view
Daily Maverick: Jay Naidoo - Most African migrants head for Africa, not Europe, and they support economic growth 2019-04-12 view
Daily Maverick: The balance in SA’s bloody strike at Sibanye-Stillwater’s mines tips slightly 2019-04-09 view
Mining Weekly: Research bodies turning to technology to reverse decline of deep-level mining 2019-04-08 view
Miningmx: Minerals Council warns more scrambled policy on menu for SA mining sector 2019-04-08 view
Mining Weekly: Lonmin paid $16.78m in taxes, royalties during 2018 financial year 2019-04-02 view
Mining Weekly: Under Mantashe, SA mining’s narrative changes to ‘something approaching positive’ 2019-04-01 view
Daily Maverick: Is the Commodities Surge Is Sustainable? 2019-04-01 view
Daily Maverick: Mining royalty payments system ‘a sham’, says Corruption Watch 2019-03-29 view
Daily Maverick: Minerals Council to challenge ‘untenable’ Mining Charter BEE rules 2019-03-29 view
Mining Weekly: 90 000 gold and platinum jobs at risk as Eskom hikes loom 2019-03-26 view
Mining Weekly: New signs of hope for junior miners, says Minerals Council’s Chabana 2019-03-25 view
The Conversation: Why South African community’s win against mining company matters 2019-03-20 view
Mining Weekly: Mantashe gunning for illegal mining syndicate leaders 2019-03-20 view
Daily Maverick: Mark Bristow and his Randgold team tick the right boxes to run the biggest gold merger ever 2019-03-19 view
Mining Weekly: Amplats donates 270 ha of land to support land reform 2019-03-18 view
Financial Mail: Amcu digs its heels in 2019-03-15 view
Mining Weekly: 'Historic’ Arnot transaction realises aspirations of Mining Charter 3 – Mgojo 2019-03-15 view
Mining Weekly: 'No tomorrow' for many unless consumption falls – UN 2019-03-14 view
The Conversation: Beneficiation is touted as a silver bullet. Why it might not be 2019-03-13 view
Miningmx: SA coal miners lose “hundreds of millions of rands” following Mpumalanga protests 2019-03-13 view
The Conversation: Echoes of 2008: Could climate change spark a global financial crisis? 2019-03-12 view
Mining Weekly: Opinion: If there are more jobs in renewables, why are coal miners so unhappy? 2019-03-11 view
Daily Maverick: The world’s biggest gold corporations locked in a giant hostile takeover battle – with a distinct South African flavour 2019-03-07 view
Mining Weekly: Algorithms join hunt for cobalt backed by Gates, Bezos and Dalio 2019-03-06 view
Daily Maverick: Avoiding debt default and turning Zambia around — at the same time 2019-03-04 view
Miningmx: Ramaphosa praises Vedanta’s Gamsberg build – “… a mine left fallow for many years” 2019-03-01 view
The Conversation: South Africa must end its coal habit. But it’s at odds about when and how 2019-02-28 view
Daily Maverick: Business in a time of State Capture: The Glencore story 2019-02-28 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom’s coal addiction, Medupi way, brought to you by the World Bank 2019-02-26 view
Miningmx: Picture emerging from Anglo companies saying Charter needs amendment on renewals 2019-02-25 view
Miningmx: Anglo’s Cutifani asked Ramaphosa to lend weight to new tripartite compact with SA 2019-02-25 view
Miningmx: New found resource nationalism may create complications for Barrick’s Bristow in PNG 2019-02-22 view
Mining Weekly: High-flying Amplats sets ‘next wave of strategy’ in motion 2019-02-20 view
Business Day: Court rules Aquila has right to manganese 2019-02-18 view
Business Day: Sibanye may cut up to 6,670 jobs as labour, power costs bite 2019-02-15 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa’s offshore gas strike – it’s all good, right? 2019-02-13 view
Mining Weekly: Xolobeni judgment continues to confound 2019-02-13 view
The Conversation: Communities, mining corporations and corruption in South Africa 2019-02-13 view
Miningmx: Land issue and corruption: South Africa’s “original” and current sins have investors on edge 2019-02-13 view
Business Day: Total offshore find could bring R1-trillion to SA economy 2019-02-13 view
Mining Weekly: Opinion: Are there really more jobs in coal than in renewables? 2019-02-13 view
GOXI: Report (full-length) - The Role of Host Governments in Enabling or Preventing Conflict Associated with Mining 2019-02-13 view
Miningmx: BCG, McKinsey & Co say no reboot for South African mining without productivity boost 2019-02-12 view
Business Day: Populism is tunnelling its way to SA’s mining rights 2019-02-12 view
Mining Weekly: Industry ready to improve CSI programmes in mining communities 2019-02-12 view
Daily Maverick: Mining brings no benefit, say 79% of community members in audit 2019-02-12 view
Daily Maverick: Mantashe said SA is open for mining business — but it’s not yet quite Nirvana, says mining industry 2019-02-12 view
Mining Weekly: Mantashe calls for mining investment amid renewed regulatory certainty 2019-02-12 view
Mining Weekly: Call made for better connection with mining communities, stable regulation 2019-02-12 view
Business Day: Communities affected by mining still getting a raw deal 2019-02-12 view Botswana's first private coal mine to produce saleable coal in March 2019-02-12 view
Miningmx: Ramaphosa, Mantashe need to hit right notes to rekindle interest in SA mining 2019-02-12 view Half of the world’s biggest miners do not keep track of their tailings risk management measures -report 2019-02-11 view
Business Day: Eskom tariff plans will destroy gold mining, warns Minerals Council SA 2019-01-30 view
Daily Maverick: Brazil’s Search for Survivors Halted on Fear of New Breach 2019-01-28 view
Business Day: Appeal against Sibanye’s Lonmin takeover set down for April 2019-01-25 view
Miningmx: ’60 pages of murky text and obscure formulae’: What to make of Mining Charter guidelines 2019-01-24 view Miners try to move away from fossil fuels — report 2019-01-23 view
Mining Weekly: ERG to pilot blockchain-based solution to enhance provenance, traceability of cobalt 2019-01-22 view
Mining Weekly: Gamsberg set to trigger new wave of industrialisation in Northern Cape 2019-01-22 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum price fall worsening plight of job-intensive mines 2019-01-18 view
IISD: Report Outlines How the Energy Transformation Will Reshape the World 2019-01-18 view
Miningmx: AMCU raises stakes in secondary strike at Sibanye-Stillwater’s platinum operations 2019-01-16 view
Mining Weekly: Agri-hub seen as key post-mining-economy jobs driver in west Gauteng 2019-01-15 view The rising cost of socially responsible investing: Mark Gilbert 2019-01-14 view
Mining Weekly: Value-chain relationship rebuild essential for platinum group metals’ survival – Ritchken 2019-01-11 view
GOXI: Tax Incentives in Mining: Open for business or abuse? 2019-01-09 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa needs to change its economic status by reskilling the entire adult population 2019-01-08 view
Project Syndicate: The High Cost of “De-Risking” Infrastructure Finance - Howard Mann 2019-01-07 view
Mining Weekly: Mantashe publishes Mining Charter implementation guidelines 2018-12-21 view
Miningmx: Vedanta Resources goes high-tech at Gamsberg Zinc 2018-12-20 view
Financial Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Corporates leave R7bn tax hole in SA 2018-12-20 view Zambia threatens to expel foreign workers over mine job cuts 2018-12-18 view
Daily Maverick: Mantashe appeal: We’ll fight you all the way, vows Xolobeni community 2018-12-14 view
Mining Weekly: Japanese trading giant Mitsubishi throws weight behind platinum 2018-12-14 view
Business Day: Mining tax incentive could help lift industry out of doldrums 2018-12-14 view
Mining Weekly: Big coal wants consumers to pay for fixing its pollution problem 2018-12-12 view
Mining Weekly: South African gold industry enters final phase of slow death 2018-12-11 view Importance of rare earth metals mining makes it into COP24 2018-12-10 view
Miningmx: Vedanta’s Gamsberg to rival Sishen for economic importance in Northern Cape 2018-12-10 view
Mining Weekly: Opinion: More conversations needed to confront the violence of mining in South Africa 2018-12-10 view
Mining Weekly: Process that will ‘drastically’ cut the power needed to reprocess mining waste edging closer to commercialisation 2018-12-10 view
IISD: OECD and IGF Release First Set of Practice Notes for Developing Countries on BEPS Risks in Mining 2018-12-05 view
Mining Weekly: Licence to operate in changing social, digital landscape miners’ biggest risk – EY 2018-12-05 view
GOXI: How to facilitate the disclosure of local procurement payments in mining 2018-12-05 view
Biznews: Expect more load shedding as big investors exit coal 2018-12-03 view
Miningmx: Lonmin makes final bow with cash up, but future as standalone deemed unfeasible 2018-11-30 view
Business Day: Halt on gas and oil drilling licences will be relaxed, says Gwede Mantashe 2018-11-29 view
Mining Weekly: Minergy's Botswana opencast coal mine project springs to life 2018-11-28 view
Mining Weekly: What global rules against 'blood gold'? Small miners have to eat 2018-11-28 view
Project Syndicate: The African Threat 2018-11-26 view
Finanicla Mail: What will happen to Lonmin’s 13,000 workers? 2018-11-26 view
The Guardian: South African community wins court battle over mining rights 2018-11-26 view
Daily Maverick: Wild Coast community wins 15-year David-and-Goliath battle against Australian mining company 2018-11-23 view
IISD: Not a Case of Either/Or: How government and mines in Zambia can save money through energy efficiency 2018-11-23 view
Financial Mail: Zambia mining tax: digging a hole? 2018-11-23 view
Daily Maverick: Resgen’s Boikarabelo: Bust in the bushveld? 2018-11-22 view S. Africa competition tribunal OKs Sibanye acquisition of Lonmin 2018-11-22 view
Daily Maverick: Rio Tinto: ‘We have nothing to do with World Heritage mining row’ 2018-11-21 view
Business Day: BOOK REVIEW: German giant in the dock over its links to Marikana massacre 2018-11-21 view China's fight against smog makes palladium 2018's best metal 2018-11-21 view
Mining Weekly: Although trending lower, lung disease incidence in SA mines still ‘alarmingly high’ 2018-11-21 view Ghana to raise $750m through London IPO of minerals fund 2018-11-16 view
Business Day: Consolidation the 'bitter medicine' SA platinum needs 2018-11-16 view
Mining Weekly: Hydrogen economy, PGM-based tech offers decarbonised alternative for energy system – Amplats 2018-11-14 view
Daily Maverick: Richtersveld simmers as mining contractors clash with community 2018-11-13 view
Miningmx: Mining Charter guideline talks proving to be an uneven process, says Minerals Council 2018-11-13 view
Daily Maverick: Transcript suggests ‘serious liberties’ taken with Tebello Chabana interview 2018-11-09 view
Daily Maverick: A mineral policy’s effect on the mining sector 2018-11-09 view
Daily Maverick: Anger over ‘back door’ St Lucia dune mining plan 2018-11-09 view
Business Day: Court overturns state’s approval for coal mine in water-critical area 2018-11-09 view
Daily Maverick: Clearing the air with a clean-coal alliance 2018-11-08 view
Miningmx: You can find any mineral you want in SA, but most investors won’t bother, says industry 2018-11-08 view
Daily Maverick: The findings of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry have been very clear. Yet six years after Marikana, the SAPS is yet to change. 2018-11-08 view
Mining Weekly: Anglo finds returns outweigh risks as it renews Africa focus 2018-11-08 view
Business Day: Harsh realities dampen SA’s renewed mining hope 2018-11-08 view
Mining Weekly: Mining veteran wants to build a $1bn battery metals giant 2018-11-07 view
Daily Maverick: Stealing the Crust II: All the players in a heinous SA mining fraudgat 2018-11-06 view
Business Day: AngloGold assets in for a shake-up under new CEO Kelvin Dushnisky 2018-11-06 view
Daily Maverick: Op-Ed Maledu judgment victory for the Constitution over mining evictions By 2018-11-01 view Like Silicon Valley? Miners face uphill slog in drive to go digital 2018-11-01 view
Miningmx: Barrick’s water-treading in Tanzania may be a prelude to a new approach 2018-10-30 view
Miningmx: South32 acknowledges SA business environment lift, but Mining Charter falls short 2018-10-26 view
Mining Weekly: South Africa's top court ruling curtails power of chiefs to cut mining deals 2018-10-26 view
Mining Weekly: Blockchain an ‘ideal technology’ to reveal sustainability of the mining supply chain – report 2018-10-25 view
Mining Weekly: Govt banking on policy certainty to revive mining industry 2018-10-25 view
Daily Maverick: Africa’s trade contradictions could cost the continent 2018-10-24 view
The Guardian: Open coalmine near Africa's first nature reserve divides community 2018-10-24 view Rising iron ore prices seem to defy economics 2018-10-24 view Congo sets deadline for plan on 11,000-megawatt hydro plant 2018-10-24 view
Miningmx: Optimum Coal Mine needs R1bn to R2bn in order to be saved, claims mine’s bidder 2018-10-23 view
Miningmx: Zambia hints it intends to stand firm on tax overhaul for mining sector 2018-10-23 view Almost 400,000 migrants left Angola in massive diamond crackdown 2018-10-23 view
Miningmx: $200m metals deal delivers clean, brushed up Lonmin ahead of Sibanye-Stillwater merger 2018-10-23 view
Financial Mail: How SA mining is trailing behind the rest of the world 2018-10-16 view
Business Day: ArcelorMittal sees strategic value in mothballed Thabazimbi mine 2018-10-15 view
Mining Weekly: DRC, Tanzania resource nationalist measures more extreme – Leon 2018-10-11 view
Miningmx: Pressures of history, race and radical thought were balanced in Mining Charter 2018-10-09 view
Business Day: Industry veterans outline bleak outlook for SA’s deep-level mines and jobs 2018-10-09 view
Bizcommunity: What you need to know about the 2018 Mining Charter 2018-10-09 view
Mining Weekly: Amplats to compensate relocated Limpopo community 2018-10-09 view
Business Day: No BEE targets for exploration, says Gwede Mantashe 2018-10-04 view
Miningmx: Capital is better kept in the bank than putting it into SA mining – economist 2018-10-04 view
Mining Weekly: Ivanhoe announces third major copper discovery in DRC 2018-10-02 view
Business Day: The show’s not over for platinum as car sector shifts gear 2018-10-02 view
Mining Weekly: Mantashe confirms gazetting of Mining Charter 3 2018-09-28 view
Daily Maverick: From Xolobeni to the Mining Charter: Community members marginalised 2018-09-27 view
Business Day: New Mining Charter may not make everyone happy, but it is a consensus 2018-09-27 view
Business Day: The forgotten miners of Aurora 2018-09-26 view
Mining Weekly: Minergy lauds Botswana regulatory authorities 2018-09-21 view
Mining Weekly: CNN-flighted advert projecting huge growth for platinum-using fuel cells 2018-09-19 view
Bizcommunity: Contract mining: The good, the bad and the ugly 2018-09-19 view How Anglo quietly built a commodity trader in Glencore's shadow 2018-09-18 view
Miningmx: DMR confirms Mining Charter to be handed to Cabinet next week 2018-09-17 view
Mining Weekly: Coal-transition support should aid workers and communities, not Eskom – report 2018-09-14 view
Miningmx: How imports and exports will impact platinum until 2023 2018-09-14 view
Mining Weekly: Shift to renewables to become a growing trend in the mining sector 2018-09-14 view
Business Day: How SA's mining sector is taking a beating from trade war 2018-09-14 view
Mining Weekly: South African mining sees considerable decline of 5.2% in July – Stats SA 2018-09-14 view
Times Live: 250‚000 livelihoods at stake as Cogta’s employment scheme dragged to court 2018-09-14 view
Miningmx: SA Govt interest in Implats shafts “suggested” in restructure talks 2018-09-14 view
Miningmx: Congo plans special economic zone for minerals beneficiation 2018-09-13 view
Bizcommunity: Study: Amplats workers and communities still losing out 2018-09-12 view
Business Day: The high human cost of chasing SA’s gold 2018-09-12 view
Daily Maverick: The SA export credit agency that can invest billions in public money on shadowy projects 2018-09-03 view
Mining Weekly: Mining could attract additional R122bn investment over next four years, if policy improves – MCSA 2018-09-03 view
Miningmx: Surge in resource nationalism blind to the consequences 2018-09-03 view
Miningmx: Gwede Mantashe backs the introduction of a Mandela platinum coin 2018-08-31 view
Daily Maverick: Marikana Massacre – IPID investigates massacred miners’ deaths, and SAPS’ lies, without the promised funding 2018-08-31 view
Miningmx: Predatory Mining Charter draft a major negative for junior miners 2018-08-31 view
Mining Weekly: Platinum-using fuel cells making more headway 2018-08-31 view Platinum-gold alloy is the most wear-resistant metal in the world 2018-08-31 view
Miningmx: Mantashe, the Mining Charter, and the power of balance: Part 2 2018-08-29 view
The Conversation: Three ways making a smartphone can harm the environment 2018-08-29 view
Business Day: Cleaner power is a win for Cyril Ramaphosa — and a loss for Eskom 2018-08-28 view
Business Day: Africa’s dark dividend: the emergent criminal economy 2018-08-27 view
Mining Weekly: Southern Palace accelerating mining technology development in South Africa 2018-08-27 view
Business Day: The curse of South Deep 2018-08-24 view
Business Day: Miners cast their eyes over border 2018-08-23 view
Mining Weekly: CSIR, Mandela Mining Precinct combine forces in push to improve safety and productivity 2018-08-22 view
Business Day: Is this the way to rebuild SA’s municipalities? 2018-08-22 view
Business Day: BREAKING NEWS: Mantashe wants to axe long-delayed MPRDA Amendment Bill 2018-08-22 view
Business Day: Amcu vows to bring platinum industry to its knees 2018-08-17 view
Mining Weekly: We made significant progress in Marikana, says Lonmin 2018-08-16 view
Business Day: Cyril Ramaphosa orders faster Marikana follow-up 2018-08-16 view
Mining Weekly: Minister decries Gold Fields’ job-cut plan at cash-burning South Deep 2018-08-15 view
Miningmx: Govt., AMCU outrage misses Implats desire to reallocate growth capital 2018-08-14 view
Miningmx: ANC proposes sovereign wealth fund capitalising on mining and fuel 2018-08-14 view
Business Day: Bold steps put Implats on new trajectory 2018-08-13 view
Miningmx: Mathunjwa breaks silence with threat to hobble Implats with strike 2018-08-10 view
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