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The Conversation: South African community wins right to access mining application. But who will win the war? Articles 2020-10-14 view
Daily Maverick: Threat Multiplier: The top five climate risks likely to hasten our descent into a hellscape Articles 2020-10-13 view
Daily Maverick: Tide turns for mining sector as reversal of job losses starts to trend Articles 2020-10-12 view
Daily Maverick: Roaring Rhodium: the most valuable metal in history keeps hitting record prices Articles 2020-09-23 view
The Extractive Industries and Society: Mapping and classification of mining host communities: a case study of South Africa Research Papers 2020-08-31 download
Miningmx: We want to see women comprise more than 40% of SA’s mining workforce: here’s why … Articles 2020-08-21 view
OECD Report: Economic Survey of South Africa 2020 Research Papers 2020-07-31 view
Daily Maverick: How South Africa in 2020 compares with Singapore in 1995 Articles 2020-06-17 view
SAIIA: COVID-19: Implications for the ‘digital divide’ in Africa Articles 2020-05-19 view
Daily Maverick: Covid-19: Economic impact on East and southern Africa Articles 2020-03-26 view
Mining Weekly: World’s biggest precious metal industry readies for coronavirus Articles 2020-03-17 view
Miningmx: Anglo’s Cutifani confirms plan to dispose of coal assets in less than five years Articles 2020-02-20 view
Minerals Council of South Africa Links 2020-02-10 view
ActionAid: Artisanal and Small Scale Mining - REGULARISING INFORMAL ARTISANAL MINING IN SOUTH AFRICA: AN EVIDENCE-BASED REPORT 2019 Research Papers 2020-01-30 download
AfDB allocates grant to help African nations boost mining revenues Articles 2020-01-17 view
Daily Maverick: A TIP for African Governments on Attracting Investment Articles 2019-12-05 view
MISTRA: A South African PGM Exchange - Policy Rationale for Financial Beneficiation Research Papers 2019-12-03 download
Climate Transparency: Brown to Green - THE G20 TRANSITION TOWARDS A NET-ZERO EMISSIONS ECONOMY 2019 Research Papers 2019-11-12 download
Daily Maverick: Dramatic decline in SA mine deaths highlights changing production profile Articles 2019-09-30 view
MD360/CIRDI Study: Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining - Mapping the South African Ecosystem Research Papers 2019-07-01 download
MD360 Report: Dialogue on the Draft Mining Charter III Research Papers 2018-10-08 download
MD360 Report: Platinum Sector Dialogue Research Papers 2015-11-24 download
MD360 Study: Rise of Resource Nationalism, The Research Papers 2012-11-26 download
MD360 Study: Rise of Resource Nationalism, The - Exec Summary Research Papers 2012-11-09 download