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Daily Maverick: ‘There’s no substitute for water; there’s a substitute for coal,’ expert warns over Uthaka Energy plan to mine in Wakkerstroom Articles 2023-11-24 view
Miningmx: Anglo American to be served with class action over former coal miners Articles 2023-10-26 view
Daily Maverick: SARS tip-offs lead to successful multi-province coal smugglers search-and-seizure operation Articles 2023-10-13 view
Daily Maverick: Catholic Church supports class action for mine workers to see justice in this lifetime Articles 2023-09-20 view
Daily Maverick: Application for class action suit over lung disease filed against oxygen-deprived coal sector Articles 2023-08-21 view
Daily Maverick: Grain SA CEO: Poorly regulated coal mining is a threat to SA’s food security Articles 2023-05-22 view
Bizcommunity: Just energy transition will need collaborative leadership to bring power to the people Articles 2023-04-25 view
Daily Maverick: Mpumalanga coal carve-up threatens roll-out of renewable energy projects Articles 2023-04-11 view
Daily Maverick: KZN rural residents beg high court to save their homes and livelihoods and rein in rampant Tendele coal mining Articles 2023-03-16 view
Daily Maverick: Expert report uncovers ‘hidden mental trauma’ of opencast coal mining in rural KwaZulu-Natal Articles 2022-11-08 view
Daily Maverick: The collapse of old king coal – The war over the future of coal begins Articles 2022-11-02 view
Daily Maverick: Coal divestment – where does the environmental buck stop when the bucks stop rolling in? Articles 2022-09-15 view
Daily Maverick: Proposed Limpopo coal mine faces court challenge for being stinky on most scores Articles 2022-08-03 view
Daily Maverick: Disastrous environmental costs aside, the Musina-Makhado SEZ makes little economic sense Articles 2022-06-12 view
Daily Maverick: The past, present and future of coal-fired power in South Africa Articles 2022-06-08 view
Daily Maverick: Illegal miners and fouled waterways in Mpumalanga underscore coal’s toxic legacy Articles 2022-05-24 view
Daily Maverick: Illegal miners started Mpumalanga coal mine fire weeks ago – it’s still burning today Research Papers 2022-05-19 view
Daily Maverick: Acid water trail of death reignites concern over South Africa’s abandoned coal and gold mines Articles 2022-03-18 view
Daily Maverick: Mpumalanga’s coal journey is at the crossroads, but roads less travelled and more diversified lie ahead Articles 2022-02-23 view
Daily Maverick: A just energy transition is both desirable and very necessary – but the costs for Africa are huge Articles 2022-02-22 view
Daily Maverick: River turns black after coal mine dam collapse next to rural communities and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game reserve Articles 2022-01-11 view
Daily Maverick: Managing a just transition away from coal is a delicate balancing act – and Gwede Mantashe lacks balance Research Papers 2021-11-25 view
Daily Maverick: Investors Pushed Mining Giants to Quit Coal. Now It’s Backfiring Articles 2021-11-09 view
Daily Maverick: Big COP26 coalition commits to phasing out coal Articles 2021-11-05 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa secures ‘watershed’ finance deal to reduce coal reliance Articles 2021-11-03 view
The Conversation: Ending coal use blighted Scottish communities – a just transition to a green economy must support workers Articles 2021-10-20 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom will need to clean up its act after big miners commit to zero emissions target Articles 2021-10-11 view
Daily Maverick: Some SA banks committed to fossil fuel disinvestment — others aim to keep coal and oil financing furnaces burning Articles 2021-10-05 view
Daily Maverick: Mantashe punts ‘clean’ coal at mining summit while Cabinet colleagues pitch green energy finance to rich countries Articles 2021-10-04 view
Daily Maverick: South African delegation meets climate envoys, proposes Just Transition Financing Facility Articles 2021-09-30 view
Miningmx: Sacrificing development for climate is a poor debate mining executives say Articles 2021-09-21 view
Daily Maverick: Activists plan court action against government’s new coal-fired power plants after report finds there’s ‘no such thing as clean coal’ Articles 2021-08-26 view
TIPS Report: The coal value chain in South Africa Research Papers 2021-08-16 download
Daily Maverick: Thirstlands of EAPASA: The failures of our environmental regulator Articles 2021-07-19 view
Daily Maverick: Old King Coal not such a merry old soul after Eskom confirms major decarbonisation plan Articles 2021-07-01 view
Miningmx: Anglo under fire for ‘green-washing’ ahead of June 7 Thungela Resources listing Articles 2021-06-07 view
FT Magazine Renewable Energy: How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics Articles 2021-05-02 download
Business Day: SA’s coal exporters face a shrinking market Articles 2021-04-27 view
Daily Maverick: Fashioning a new global economy: The climate finance heavy hitters on Africa’s role Articles 2021-04-21 view
Daily Maverick: Court pours cold water on Mpumalanga coal mine operations in critical source area Articles 2021-03-25 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa’s chrome sector, like its coal counterpart, is becoming increasingly opaque Articles 2021-03-08 view
Mining Weekly: Upheaval is coming to South Africa over the shift away from coal Articles 2021-02-16 view
Financial Times: How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics Research Papers 2021-02-05 download
Daily Maverick: Mining is crucial for life on Earth, says Anglo’s Cutifani — and he has a point Articles 2021-02-03 view
Daily Maverick: Life and death in the shadow of Mpumalanga’s toxic coal mines Articles 2021-01-28 view
Daily Maverick: Renewable energy: Unions must wake up and smell the coffee, or get run over by electric cars Articles 2021-01-20 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part One): The conceptual terrain Articles 2021-01-13 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part Two): Between recovery and reconstruction Articles 2021-01-13 view
Business Maverick: Securities and Exchange Commission waters down resource extraction disclosure regulations Articles 2020-12-18 view
The Economist: Killing coal - Time to make coal history Articles 2020-12-04 view
Daily Maverick: Mine, not yours: When will mining companies realise ancestral land cannot be valued in rands and cents? Articles 2020-12-03 view
Daily Maverick: Somkhele: Time to phase out the destruction by mining in KwaZulu-Natal and turn to job creation Articles 2020-11-30 view
Mining Weekly: Coal mine on point of turning acid mine drainage into potable water at no cost Articles 2020-11-23 view
Daily Maverick: Petmin defends its resettlement plan for controversial Somkhele mine Articles 2020-11-19 view
Daily Maverick: Hit-and-run miners run roughshod over environmental laws in Mpumalanga Articles 2020-11-18 view
Daily Maverick: Murky new world of South African coal Articles 2020-11-03 view
Financial Mail: Going deep into Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado extremism Articles 2020-11-02 view
Daily Maverick: We honour the memory of Fikile Ntshangase, Sikhosiphi ‘Bazooka’ Rhadebe and other fearless environmental warriors Articles 2020-11-01 view
Financial Mail: TRACEY DAVIES: Of mining, ethics and murder Articles 2020-10-29 view
Daily Maverick: Ramaphosa’s plan: Economic recovery for the few, ecological devastation for many Articles 2020-10-26 view
Daily Maverick: Violence on border of iMfolozi-Hluhluwe Game Park linked to fears of mass retrenchments Articles 2020-10-23 view
Daily Maverick: Threat Multiplier: The top five climate risks likely to hasten our descent into a hellscape Articles 2020-10-13 view
Daily Maverick: There’s no turning back the clock after Covid – we need a reconstruction programme Articles 2020-08-04 view
Mining Weekly: EU climate transition needs mineral miners, not coal miners Articles 2020-07-01 view
Daily Maverick: Investing in renewables to replace ageing coal-fired power stations is a no-brainer Articles 2020-06-08 view
Daily Maverick: Pressure mounts on families holding out against coal mine expansion Articles 2020-06-04 view
Mining Weekly: South Africa’s biggest emitters to be exposed to public scrutiny Articles 2020-06-01 view
Daily Maverick: Coal mine’s bid for KZN land puts compensation criteria to test Articles 2020-05-27 view
Daily Maverick: How a R10.7bn ‘zero waste’ megaproject was buried by Limpopo’s Chinese deal Articles 2020-05-04 view
Daily Maverick: We have to use this crisis to put South Africa on a new industrialisation growth path Articles 2020-04-30 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom plans to convert old coal mines and plants into gas, solar and wind power generators Articles 2020-04-21 view
Daily Maverick: #Earthcrimes (Part One): Limpopo’s dirty great white elephant Articles 2020-04-07 view
Daily Maverick: Killing the Holy Ghost: Inside the R145bn plan that would destroy the Limpopo River Articles 2020-04-01 view
Daily Maverick: Most mining stops, but Old King Coal rolls on Articles 2020-03-26 view
BCG: Mining Needs to Go Faster on Climate Articles 2020-03-10 view
Miningmx: Anglo’s Cutifani confirms plan to dispose of coal assets in less than five years Articles 2020-02-20 view
Business Day: BlackRock sets a precedent with move to sustainable greener future Articles 2020-02-11 view
Daily Maverick: Zama-zamas: Pictures from the underground Articles 2020-02-05 view
Daily Maverick: Assassins strike again in bloody KZN mining wars Articles 2020-01-28 view
Daily Maverick: ‘Keep it in the ground’: Civil disobedience and the struggle for climate justice in Germany Articles 2019-12-18 view
Daily Maverick: R6-billion – first estimate of Just Transition in South Africa Articles 2019-12-10 view
Climate Transparency: Brown to Green - THE G20 TRANSITION TOWARDS A NET-ZERO EMISSIONS ECONOMY 2019 Research Papers 2019-11-12 download
Daily Maverick: Manganese mining on the rise in SA, but coal is still the king of commodities Articles 2019-09-27 view
Business Day: Policymakers should plan for decline in coal exports to avoid chaotic transition Articles 2019-09-23 view
MD360/CIRDI Study: Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining - Mapping the South African Ecosystem Research Papers 2019-07-01 download