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Daily Maverick: Africa’s economies need global solidarity and economic restructuring to recover from Covid – Stiglitz Articles 2022-03-02 view
FT Magazine Renewable Energy: How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics Articles 2021-05-02 download
Miningmx: Agreement on Covid-19 vaccination critical before gold, coal wage negotiations Articles 2021-03-15 view
Daily Maverick: It’s a continuing crisis, not a recovery – a reflection on the NIDS-CRAM survey results Articles 2021-02-18 view
Daily Maverick: The Presidential Employment Stimulus: Commitment a crucial and catalytic part of the wider economic recovery Articles 2021-02-09 view
IISD Knowledge Hub: Integrating a Gender Lens in Sustainable Investing Research Papers 2021-01-21 view
BizTrends2021: Mining looks ahead to more Covid risk Articles 2021-01-19 view
Miningmx: SA mining ready to use networks, infrastructure, and know-how in Covid-19 vaccination push Research Papers 2021-01-18 view
BCG: Sharing Data to Address Our Biggest Societal Challenges Research Papers 2021-01-07 download
Daily Maverick: World Economic Forum report points out pitfalls on the road to economic recovery from the Covid crisis Articles 2020-12-17 view
Mining Weekly: Miners say Covid-19 has accelerated move to digital, automation Articles 2020-11-27 view
IISD Knowledge Hub: Mining Forum Reviews Impacts of COVID-19 on Climate Action, Gender Equality Articles 2020-10-27 view
Daily Maverick: There’s no turning back the clock after Covid – we need a reconstruction programme Articles 2020-08-04 view
Daily Maverick: Commodities’ Covid-19 conundrum: Miners have mixed results, oil majors sink Articles 2020-08-03 view
OECD Report: Economic Survey of South Africa 2020 Research Papers 2020-07-31 view
MD360 Study: Food Security in a Mining-Dependent Town - Insights from Postmasburg in the Northern Cape Research Papers 2020-07-24 download
MD360/WWF Study: Food Security Fragility in a Mining-Dependent Town - A Snapshot of Postmasburg in the Northern Cape Research Papers 2020-07-23 download
Miningmx: COVID-19 will help shift Anglo American’s focus from mining to materials solutions Articles 2020-07-13 view
Daily Maverick: Covid-19 opens the door for government to rebuild public participation in mining Articles 2020-06-10 view
IGF: The Impact of COVID-19 on Employment in Mining Research Papers 2020-06-10 view
Financial Mail: Enormous challenge lies ahead for SA mines Articles 2020-06-05 view
Miningmx: Bristow says Barrick Gold can participate in re-arrangement of world’s mining sector Articles 2020-05-20 view
SAIIA: COVID-19: Implications for the ‘digital divide’ in Africa Articles 2020-05-19 view
Daily Maverick: Mantashe gazettes Covid-19 mining regulations as Implats closes Marula mine Articles 2020-05-18 view
Miningmx: Getting mines back is proving a bumpy ride, but it’s crucial for SA’s social, economic well-being Articles 2020-05-05 view
Business Day: Two-thirds of recalled miners back at work in SA Articles 2020-04-29 view
Mining Weekly: Opinion: Covid-19 presents opportunity to rethink impact of mines on communities Articles 2020-04-23 view
Daily Maverick: SA mining industry, government and unions ‘agree to sector reboot from 16 April’ Articles 2020-04-09 view
Miningmx: Economic impact accepted, SA mining sector has the stripes to tackle COVID-19 fallout Articles 2020-04-03 view
Daily Maverick: Covid-19: Economic impact on East and southern Africa Articles 2020-03-26 view
Daily Maverick: Most mining stops, but Old King Coal rolls on Articles 2020-03-26 view
Mining Weekly: South African miners preparing for three-week lockdown Articles 2020-03-25 view
Miningmx: SA mining to shut for 3 weeks after Ramaphosa unveils lockdown designed to stem COVID-19 Articles 2020-03-23 view
Miningmx: Diversified miners well placed as China forecast to lead recovery after COVID-19 Articles 2020-03-20 view
Mining Weekly: World’s biggest precious metal industry readies for coronavirus Articles 2020-03-17 view