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The Conversation: Oil drilling threatens the Okavango River Basin, putting water in Namibia and Botswana at risk Articles 2023-08-02 view
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Daily Maverick: Distraction, Inc — Why Davos delegates are peddling the carbon removal myth Articles 2022-05-26 view
Daily Maverick: ‘Gentleman’s agreement’: Despite mining ban, Russia scours Antarctica for massive fossil fuel deposits Articles 2022-05-18 view
Daily Maverick: Planet’s breakneck warming likely to pass 1.5°C, UN scientists warn Articles 2022-04-05 view
Daily Maverick: A just energy transition is both desirable and very necessary – but the costs for Africa are huge Articles 2022-02-22 view
Daily Maverick: Investors Pushed Mining Giants to Quit Coal. Now It’s Backfiring Articles 2021-11-09 view
Daily Maverick: Big COP26 coalition commits to phasing out coal Articles 2021-11-05 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom will need to clean up its act after big miners commit to zero emissions target Articles 2021-10-11 view
Daily Maverick: Some SA banks committed to fossil fuel disinvestment — others aim to keep coal and oil financing furnaces burning Articles 2021-10-05 view
Daily Maverick: South African delegation meets climate envoys, proposes Just Transition Financing Facility Articles 2021-09-30 view
Miningmx: Sacrificing development for climate is a poor debate mining executives say Articles 2021-09-21 view
TIPS Report: The coal value chain in South Africa Research Papers 2021-08-16 download
Daily Maverick: Landmark UN report shows Earth’s climate will experience widespread, intensifying and irreversible change – but there is still hope Articles 2021-08-09 view
The Conversation: Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap Articles 2021-04-22 view
Daily Maverick: Fashioning a new global economy: The climate finance heavy hitters on Africa’s role Articles 2021-04-21 view
Financial Times: How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics Research Papers 2021-02-05 download
Mining Weekly: Transitioning fossil-fuel labour forces into new sectors critical for ‘clean, just energy transitions’ Articles 2021-01-27 view
Daily Maverick: Renewable energy: Unions must wake up and smell the coffee, or get run over by electric cars Articles 2021-01-20 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part Two): Between recovery and reconstruction Articles 2021-01-13 view
Mining Weekly: EU climate transition needs mineral miners, not coal miners Articles 2020-07-01 view
Mining Weekly: Mining becoming significant corporate buyer of renewable energy ­– ICMM Articles 2020-05-21 view
Mining Weekly: Climate-smart mining tech even more important in a Covid-19 context – World Bank Articles 2020-05-12 view
World Bank Report: Minerals for Climate Action - The Mineral Intensity of the Clean Energy Transition Research Papers 2020-05-12 download
Daily Maverick: We have to use this crisis to put South Africa on a new industrialisation growth path Articles 2020-04-30 view