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Miningmx: SA mining fears Govt’s new cadastre is no quick fix Articles 2024-02-19 view
Daily Maverick: Cape provinces sign green hydrogen cooperation deal Articles 2023-10-17 view
Miningmx: How the wheels came off for SA’s platinum group metal miners Research Papers 2023-09-27 view
Miningmx: Africa’s political risk isn’t what it’s cracked up to be Research Papers 2023-09-24 view
Miningmx: SA is letting mining’s next biggest thing slip from its grasp Articles 2023-09-13 view
Miningmx: Two years of ‘HH’ has brought a wave of optimism to Zambia Articles 2023-09-07 view
Daily Maverick: SA launches $1bn green hydrogen fund with Netherlands, Denmark to tackle climate crisis Articles 2023-06-21 view
Miningmx: JSE flags fresh hope National Treasury will reconsider junior mining tax incentives Articles 2023-06-21 view
Miningmx: Why renewable energy and mining project capital allocation are odd bedfellows Articles 2023-06-08 view
Miningmx: Namibia’s miners say unaware of Govt. plans to take minority interest in assets Articles 2023-05-31 view
Miningmx: Council dismay after Fraser Institute again consigns SA mining to lower reaches Articles 2023-05-08 view
Daily Maverick: R8-trillion question: Unlocking South Africa’s PGM potential Articles 2023-04-04 view
Daily Maverick: Zambia reaps rewards of positive neutrality and economic diplomacy while others flounder Articles 2023-04-03 view
Daily Maverick: Copper cable theft cost Sibanye ‘north of R1bn’ in production in 2022, mining forum told Articles 2023-03-30 view
The Conversation: Gold mining is one of the world’s most destructive and unnecessary industries – here’s how to end it Articles 2023-02-15 view
Miningmx: Keeping the faith: Why the Church of England invests in mining companies Articles 2023-02-14 view
Daily Maverick: Copper-rich Zambia is a breath of fresh air for foreign investors Articles 2023-02-13 view
Daily Maverick: The mining conundrum — responsibly sourcing green technology minerals in conflict zones Articles 2023-01-30 view
Miningmx: Amplats’ Viljoen says government support for SA’s nascent hydrogen economy not consistent Articles 2022-09-07 view
Daily Maverick: Blade Nzimande launches hydrogen roadmap to a greener future for South Africa Articles 2022-02-17 view
Daily Maverick: Chinese infrastructure-for-minerals project in DRC derailed by high-level corruption Articles 2021-12-07 view
Daily Maverick: ‘Uncertainty on steroids’: DMRE will not appeal Mining Charter ruling but may change law Articles 2021-11-25 view
Daily Maverick: The decline of South Africa’s mining sector in five charts Articles 2021-11-24 view
Daily Maverick: Africa is a mineral treasure chest that could be a huge boost for development – if state predators are kept at bay Articles 2021-10-20 view
Daily Maverick: High court sets aside key aspects of Mining Charter in setback for Mineral Resources Department Articles 2021-09-21 view
Daily Maverick: Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has neither the resources nor energy to do its job properly Articles 2021-09-06 view
Miningmx: Chaos engulfing SA will have “lasting impact” in discouraging investment says mining sector Articles 2021-07-14 view
Daily Maverick: Negative investor perceptions: A practical guide to rebuilding confidence in South Africa’s mining and exploration sector Articles 2021-06-04 view
Miningmx: World’s low carbon aspiration requires mining firms to spend $15 trillion in next 15 years Articles 2021-05-11 view
Daily Maverick: Bring on the transparent mining cadastre, Minister Mantashe Articles 2021-04-13 view
Miningmx: Mining offers SA a route to economic recovery, but Govt’s track-record works against it Articles 2021-03-04 view
Daily Maverick: Sinkhole opens up beneath South Africa’s mining industry Articles 2021-03-01 view
Mining Weekly: Supercharged commodity boom: Definitely. Supercycle? Not exactly Articles 2021-02-23 view
Daily Maverick: The Presidential Employment Stimulus: Commitment a crucial and catalytic part of the wider economic recovery Articles 2021-02-09 view
Miningmx: Approval of $259m Sandfire T3 Project proof Botswana is “new global copper province” Articles 2020-12-01 view
Daily Maverick: Murky new world of South African coal Articles 2020-11-03 view
Daily Maverick: Conditions are ripe for a South African sovereign wealth fund based on minerals Articles 2020-10-13 view
Mining Weekly: Positive reaction to ANC document’s encouragement of exploration Articles 2020-07-16 view
Business Day: BlackRock sets a precedent with move to sustainable greener future Articles 2020-02-11 view
The Conversation: How some corporations can have positive impact in communities Articles 2020-01-20 view
AfDB allocates grant to help African nations boost mining revenues Articles 2020-01-17 view
Miningmx: Flight from JSE, climate change, Glencore power change: mining themes to watch in 2020 Articles 2020-01-14 view
Daily Maverick: South African Mining Revival Threatened as Power Cuts Take Toll Articles 2019-12-12 view
Daily Maverick: A TIP for African Governments on Attracting Investment Articles 2019-12-05 view
Daily Maverick: ANC shows it has lost the investment plot by giving more power to the chiefs Articles 2019-12-02 view