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Bizcommunity: Just energy transition will need collaborative leadership to bring power to the people Articles 2023-04-25 view
Daily Maverick: The mining conundrum — responsibly sourcing green technology minerals in conflict zones Articles 2023-01-30 view
Daily Maverick: The collapse of old king coal – The war over the future of coal begins Articles 2022-11-02 view
Daily Maverick: Mpumalanga a potential renewable energy hub, not Mantashe’s envisaged ghost towns – Eskom’s Mandy Rambharos Articles 2022-10-13 view
Miningmx: Amplats’ Viljoen says government support for SA’s nascent hydrogen economy not consistent Articles 2022-09-07 view
Daily Maverick: Workers’ voices must not be suppressed in climate change talks because livelihoods are on the line Articles 2022-04-12 view
Daily Maverick: Mpumalanga’s coal journey is at the crossroads, but roads less travelled and more diversified lie ahead Articles 2022-02-23 view
Daily Maverick: A just energy transition is both desirable and very necessary – but the costs for Africa are huge Articles 2022-02-22 view
SAIIA Policy Insights 122: Ensuring a Just Energy Transition through Hydrogen: How the G20 can Support Africa Research Papers 2022-01-31 download
Daily Maverick: Managing a just transition away from coal is a delicate balancing act – and Gwede Mantashe lacks balance Research Papers 2021-11-25 view
Daily Maverick: South Africa secures ‘watershed’ finance deal to reduce coal reliance Articles 2021-11-03 view
The Conversation: Ending coal use blighted Scottish communities – a just transition to a green economy must support workers Articles 2021-10-20 view
Daily Maverick: South African delegation meets climate envoys, proposes Just Transition Financing Facility Articles 2021-09-30 view
Daily Maverick: Gwede must go! Activists voice demands on renewable energy and community consent in mining Articles 2021-09-23 view
Daily Maverick: Activists plan court action against government’s new coal-fired power plants after report finds there’s ‘no such thing as clean coal’ Articles 2021-08-26 view
Mining Weekly: Upheaval is coming to South Africa over the shift away from coal Articles 2021-02-16 view
Mining Weekly: Transitioning fossil-fuel labour forces into new sectors critical for ‘clean, just energy transitions’ Articles 2021-01-27 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part Three): Saving Leviathan and reconstructing South Africa — the state as solution to our woes Articles 2021-01-14 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part One): The conceptual terrain Articles 2021-01-13 view
Daily Maverick: Salim Fakir - Unpacking the Just Transition (Part Two): Between recovery and reconstruction Articles 2021-01-13 view
Daily Maverick: Ramaphosa’s plan: Economic recovery for the few, ecological devastation for many Articles 2020-10-26 view
Mining Weekly: EU climate transition needs mineral miners, not coal miners Articles 2020-07-01 view
National Planning Commission: Social Partner Dialogue for a Just Transition May 2018 to June2019 Research Papers 2020-07-01 download
Daily Maverick: Investing in renewables to replace ageing coal-fired power stations is a no-brainer Articles 2020-06-08 view
Mining Weekly: South Africa’s biggest emitters to be exposed to public scrutiny Articles 2020-06-01 view
Daily Maverick: Eskom plans to convert old coal mines and plants into gas, solar and wind power generators Articles 2020-04-21 view
Daily Maverick: ‘Keep it in the ground’: Civil disobedience and the struggle for climate justice in Germany Articles 2019-12-18 view
Daily Maverick: R6-billion – first estimate of Just Transition in South Africa Articles 2019-12-10 view