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The Conversation: South African community wins right to access mining application. But who will win the war? Articles 2020-10-14 view
Daily Maverick: Court rules that Xolobeni community should have received mining application before the right was granted Articles 2020-09-22 view
Daily Maverick: Game-changing Xolobeni judgment orders applications for mining licences to be made public Articles 2020-09-15 view
Daily Maverick: Covid-19 opens the door for government to rebuild public participation in mining Articles 2020-06-10 view
Daily Maverick: Mining case poses big questions about the right of business to silence dissent Articles 2020-06-09 view
Daily Maverick: Rise of the snake: Illegal mining threatens Venda’s sacred mountain Articles 2020-02-17 view
Daily Maverick: ‘Bantustan Bills’ trample on the rights of rural people Articles 2019-11-04 view